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I've been writing code as a hobby and professionally since the 1980's. I don't know how many languages, frameworks, 3gl/4gl environments, IDE's and tools I'd be considered an expert at: once upon a time. Very little of it is things I can share (proprietary systems) or relevant to the general public. In some countries, 100% of the population is affected every day by code I've written for their electric utility or telecom providers. Seriously.

What little of it is "sharable".. I'm sharing. It used to be on a directory on this server, but I've become a fan of "git", and the current generation of programmers seems to like everything on GitHub.com. So I am in the process of sticking sharable things there, slowly.


Some of this code includes:
  • MELEE - Mailing List Engine. - Originally written and used for Chugalug.org and now used by some "defcon" related groups and other groups that benefit from an encrypted capable mailing list manager. Of the things I can share, I am kinda proud of it as it's a less than 40 hours of work project and it works very well.
  • GLASS - About 10 years ago I created "GAS", a small PHP/MySQL framework that was the core of several projects including Widget (this CMS), NextLMS, and Utiliflex's Juice. MySQL has evolved (and is dropping legacy MySQL connector support), PHP has evolved.. and most importantly, so has my understanding of them and the things I need to do with them. GLASS is an attempt at a from scratch re-write of this framework concept. The goal is a framework for the next big project. Unlike GAS, GLASS will be a complete application stack, minus the final application and business logic. The goal is to maintain this core, and use it in several projects. Current status: Mostly works. Evolving every day.
    This web site uses GLASS as the CMS (Content Management System) public presentation layer you are currently seeing and for internal management. Both GLASS and the website are using a slightly modified version of CuteStrap CSS , which is an excellent sane starting place for customized CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). In other words: We are the kind of code monkeys that use our own products/code for as much as we possibly can.
  • geekpage/mikepage - Once upon a time I built and ran "ePageMe.com", an email to alphanumeric pager gateway used by Bellsouth, CellularPage, the US Department of Energy, and Hospital Corporation of America among a few others.. at scale for 0.25 to 1 dollars per month per pager. It's insane how much money this little piece of C code enabled. Once upon a time. A variation of it is still being use by at least two remaining alpha pager companies. But they and the alpha pager industry is dying a natural death, so no harm in sharing this little bit of C code. gcc geekpage.c -o geekpage will create an executable.
  • imailregistryeater - After a hurricane, I moved an ISP from Pensacola Florida to Chattanooga. One of the challenges was moving people to a centralized email server from a bunch of individually managed IMAIL servers. I'm still amazed that I moved thousands of people to a new mail system and nobody wondered how I knew all of their passwords and migrated all their data. Every once in a while I still get en email about migrating people from IMAIL. While I hope this doesn't work on newer versions of IMAIL, it might be useful if you are stuck on an old version and need to migrate them.

The following is a dead link. I keep this as a reminder as how fickle Microsoft is about long term.. well. just about anything other than MS-Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Microsoft (The Dark Side)

As an experiment with "the dark side", I'm playing with Visual Studio 2013 ("Online"). I am experimentation with some integration techniques. https://geeklabs.visualstudio.com