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Raspberry Pi MRI Controller

2018-05-06 by: mike
File under: "Things you can do with a Raspberry Pi clone". In this case, an Odroid XU4 running Armbian ( Debian for ARM processors) controlling an SGI Octane running Irix 6.5.
Quick Summary:

On SGI/Irix

Configure XDM to allow remote connections, configuring xdm-config.

On Linux/Armbian

Configure SELInux and IPtables to allow remote X sessions. Configure network to match SGI's network. Reboot. Install Xnest and run: Xnest :1 -query 192.168.x.x

Install "Kitty"

Basic Kitty on github. Kitty provides an interface for GPIO control. Should rewrite this as a desktop app.

Wire up controller to GPIO pins

Lots of wires and connectors, may get nice pics and document soon.