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MELEE Mailing List Engine

2020-03-01 by: meuon
I've run "mailman" for the Chugalug.org list server since it's creation in 1999, as well as various mailing lists for engineers, recovering *, security nutcases, and extended families. As I build a new server for Chugalug and my personal use, MailMan 3's weight and ecosystem (Python, dJango, etc.. ) and gobs and gobs of weird code made me scream enough to build my own instead of deal with Mailman3. I looked at it as a learning opportunity. Wow, was it. Including diving into the mudpile of what makes email work in 2020, I added GPG/PGP support as well. It's a running open source project at: GitHub MELEE with it's own mailing list for support and questions at: https://geeklabs.com/melee/