For Hire

Sometimes, we* have some time available to do interesting things. Rates are below, in chunks that seem to work pretty well for project work. No, we are not cheap, and we are not looking very hard for paying work. We do have a unique set of skills in networking, telecom, "smart grid" and encryption.


$ 350 for 1 minute to 1 hour. Just in case you need some "support", a thwack over the head or something simple.

After 2 hours the day rate kicks in.


$ 2,500 per day, with an expectation of 10 to 12 hours of uber-productive work. One day minimum.


$ 10,000 per week, estimated 40 to 60 hours of serious time.


Probably not available.. but you can always ask: $ 30,000 per month, 144 to 200 hours on task.

Exceptions are made when working with fun people, travel to pleasant places and projects that make life on planet earth just a little better.
GeekLabs may include some trusted and talented people as needed.